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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Losing Sleep & Gaining Insight

So I sit at 2:30 in the morning looking at an empty pad and my pencils while I bite all my best nails trying to slow down the images in my head.

A ford. And to think I mock the city. I was walking to a farm for a party. Well, it used to be a farm. A nice evening in pre-leafy suburbia. Then the converted barn. Were the music not so loud it might have been nice to meet people.

-Excuse me, said the overweight man with lank hair. I started to move. He pushed me and my chair to one side. It was the fastest he moved all evening. A girl I was talking with thought he was going to be sick. Until his wife did exactly the same thing. To Lionel Ritchie's Say You, Say Me they danced to what very clearly was their song.

I was home by midnight having been driven home the long way because I'm too polite to tell people there's a quicker way. Or that I really would rather walk.

The Post Office

Earlier I had walked to the Post Office with a painting all packaged and destined for far away. She was very helpful, considering I didn't know what service in particular I wanted, just that it get there.

-What is it? she asked of the parcel on the scale.
-A Painting.
-You mean we're in the presence of greatness?
-Yes, I confirmed, as I stared at her measuring tape.

Paul Dorrell says:

You may have to burn more midnight oil to stay with it, you may lose weight, you may lose sleep, you may lose a bit of your inner balance, but the struggle will bring out even more insight and, if things go well, better work.


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