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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Interactions to Paint

I passed three young girls today. Aged ten at most. They were putting on voices.
-Well, I cook his dinner but he's always drunk, she says rolling her eyes and gesticulating with her hand in a hopeless fashion.
Her friend suggests giving him a glass of milk if he's always getting drunk.

I think she was his mother. She pulled him towards her with one hand and smacked him on the back of his neck with the other. He tried to pull away from her but she casually twisted his arm and kicked him on the backside. He tried to kick out at her but she let go of one wrist, grabbed the other one, twisted that arm, and with her free hand she removed the cigarette to exhale, replaced it between her lips, and fiercely slapped him across the head. I carried on walking for I needed to buy eggs.

-Will it be a busy time, Easter, compared to a normal weekend?
-Yes, we have to make eighty arrests this week.
-Have you got their race and nationalities already worked out?
-No, just the crimes.

She was huge, the only female member of the group, and she danced too. Grids of balls strapped to the sides of her calves, she thudded her feet against the floor and thrust her enormous chest around. Then she got people up to dance. I was about sixth. I couldn't say no, she was rather influential with her combined size and smile.

-I tell ya, we're all on the ball today. Are you going to this thing on Saturday night?
-I haven't been invited.
-I'm inviting you now.
-I don't want to go if there's only married couples going.
-Well you can boink him if you like.
-If that's my best prospect I'll give it a miss then. Anybody want some banana cake?
-Yes please.
-"She wears a black dress but I remember still, the ordinary dress when she was dressed to kill". What are you wearing to the party?
-Don't know. I'll decide at seven pm on Saturday night.
-Are you not going 'til seven?
-Don't know. I'll decide then if I'm going.
-What are you wearing?

Paul Dorrell says:

Don't worry if no one taught you how to love when you were a child; it is entirely possible to teach yourself. But other people can teach you better. Let them.


At 9:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever about the ones above, is the quotation from the book genuine? Any chance of a page reference?
-A. Jones

At 1:48 PM, Blogger Verne Gripes said...

Page 34. Chapter Two. From the section on "Love".


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