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Friday, March 11, 2005

The Coupons for Artistic Happiness

Is it right to live your life, the life of an artist, according to one book, one philosophy? Probably not, but what has being right got to do with good art? Just how right was Mr. Pollock when he put his foot down on the accelerator? And Mr. van Gogh, that business with the ear - right or wrong? Right or left?
Wanting to broaden my horizons - you'll recall I've already raised them - I have decided to follow many philosphies as I go about my life in art. Many philosophies by many authors. But luckily in a single package and delivered to your door without any effort on your part. Thank you to the coupon people for they give me self-help banners I can lick and live by after sticking to my mirror.

For the rest of my life I shall Make Every Day A Good Hair Day. Which is good because I can only go From Old To Brand Sparkly New… In About A Day.

I shall find 3 Ways To Love knowing that When She Breathes Easier, So Do You… for although she is a carpet cleaner All Carpet Cleaners Are Not Alike. Good, because, the last one didn't breathe so easy, and I couldn't find any ways to love her.

There will be things I want done but only One Call Gets The Things You Want Done…DONE and I have a feeling that person you're calling is The Best Kept Secret At The Airport, though maybe not a secret any more.

I will entrap the local plumber in fecal odors and then complain saying hey you're the one who said My Plumber Will Smell Good And Show Up On Time Or I’ll Pay You. And then after receiving the money I shall Go Ahead… Smile!

Springtime is… rejuvenate time so I'm cleaning out my artistic blocks and starting over with No Contracts. No Risk. Free Installation.

I've decided one should always Make Your Home Look Like New and maybe that will Put The Spring Back Into Your Parking. If not, then know that Relief Is Just A Phone Call Away.

I now know and will always remember that No Matter What You Need, You’ll Find It In A Single Convenient Package. All Bundled Up With A Smile! Though I am left wondering if the convenient package being bundled up is an airport working plumber with a fecal odor. It would account for the smile.

I believe in a greater power who is always going to say We Get To The ROOT Of Your Problem, so I shall grimace as I accept that I have a problem at all, until I am told We Want To See You Smile!

I shall act Olympian and know that Better, Faster And Less Expensive Is Always Better and possibly a good way to Give Your Child A Great Start On Learning. Of course one first might need a great start on having that child, but if I have faith I know that the powers that be proclaim We Build It. We Install It. We Stand Behind It. So we're talking about a big child.

Anyway I am an artist and I will henceforth cast away my black clothes of happiness for Life Is Short. Live It In Color is the way of the artist.

But then again there's always that love thing I keep wanting, and I know I want it Fresh. Hot. Now.

Paul Dorrell Believes:

However I must remember that Paul Dorrell, not unsurprisingly considering the competition, believes For many, there are no rules or guidelines in the silence of the studio...


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