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Friday, March 18, 2005

The Green Green Grass of Home

-So do you like the shirt I bought you?
-Yeah. You were lucky, it's a nice shade of blue.
-It's green.
-Well, it's a nice shade of green then.

Horizontal marks, however abstract, get converted into landscapes by the viewer. What would be converted into grass in the painting I'm currently working on is green; perhaps that's why. It doesn't matter that the sky is yellow, nor the road going across the foreground, red. Landscapes. Barnett Newman didn't have this problem because his stripes were vertical. And Josef Albers squared things off. Thing is, the green area used to be blue.

So what next? Turn on the radio for some background as I ponder where to take the painting:

Drivetime with Tom Brown
Sixteen minutes after five o'clock
Kicking us off, Fleetwood Mac
Oh no, here I go, again, Wah oh Diane
Cos love is like a grain of sand

Driving you home
The Triangle is heavy
The Loop is very heavy, starting to tailback
Thanks to MCA cabs
Story about striker John Aldridge
My wife was attacked in the restroom
I saw woman leaving covered in blood
I went over to complain
Next thing my nose is broken
Bad weekend for the striker
Thanks to the Evening Post
Here's Dire Straits
If you're driving home watch that heavy fuel
Five twenty-five on Wednesday evening
Good news if you're bald
Twelfth Street heavy and a little on the slow side
I am a lineman for the county
Superstars of the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties
Lights still stuck on red at Scotts on Birchwood Road
Tickets still available for the gig tonight
Traffic provided by the city's only tire makers
Tonight on the Chris Barry phone-in catch the Northside rapist
Finally on Telekom Community Diary
Star Trek meeting in Seven Oaks hotel in Westfield
Waiting for a star to fall
Carry your heart into my arms

At the moment it's 47 degrees
Classic Rock 'n' Roll on 98FM
Well bless my soul what's wrong with me?
Story from the Evening Post, and this is a serious one by the way
On a lighter note it's amazing the trouble one single mouse can cause
Still you're comin' back,
You're runnin' back,
You're comin' back for more
So put me on a highway and show me a sign

85% of families don't have enough cover to protect their income
Back in a moment with Duran Duran
My name is Luka
Both of you now have keys that could open the door to one of those fabulous BMWs
How am I supposed to live without you?
Making another one-thousand dollar cash call
Not to worry
My heart is low
As only a woman's heart can be

We'll be back with our final check on the traffic
Rehab radio lotto, the real winner in the Midwest
The afternoon drive
And the Red Cow Triangle heading towards Nace
Standby for jukebox gems
Need a taxi?
On the hour news update
Has admitted responsibility
Will come to New York
Blasting targets in Southern and Northern Iraq
Naked and battered in foothills of the mountains
Two trains should not have been on the bridge at the same time
Aldridge goes for surgery on a stomach strain
The number one sports drink
Keep listening for that Weekend Away Triple Play
A top eight breaker
That's when my love comes tumbling down
Of a certain year
And you've got your troubles
And I've got mine

The fourth and final one from this week's brand new session, here's the Mahogany Men
As only a woman's heart can know
Can you dig it?
Oh yeah

Sinead O'Connor helping out Jah Wabble
I'm not numbed out any more
Now I am the key to the door

Don't forget tomorrow means Wrangler Concert
And I'll tell myself I'm over you
Cos I'm the king of wishful thinking

Better music, and more of it
There is a need for a religious press in the country
It's gonna blow, it's gonna break
This is more than I can take

Have you got your three answers there for me?
Phil Collins, Michael Stipes and Madonna
Baby don't waste your time
I know what's on your mind

My focus will be on human rights in the light of the gospel
And Hotel California from the Eagles, which is the Win At Work song

I painted the green band back to blue again.

Paul Dorrell says:

Inside every snob is a frightened person who is still trying to learn the song of life, except all they have is the words, not yet the music.


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