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Monday, April 25, 2005

EastEnders: Soap as Soap

"It is part of the BBC1's DNA now, it's vital to the channel," says John Yorke, the BBC's Controller of Continuing Drama Series and Head of Independent Drama.

He is speaking of the BBC's erstwhile flagship EastEnders. Over twenty years old and with viewing figures at its peak equalling half the actual population of the UK, it comprises a significant collection of the visual memories of a nation.

Here then is a brief reminder of some of those visual memories from the last two and a half years. In reverse chronological order - for fitting dramatic effect - and accompanied by dates in the British format, here is the soap in headlines:

23.04.2005: 'EastEnders' braced for Grant Mitchell's return
23.04.2005: EastEnders and Corrie lose the health lather league
22.04.2005: Vote for a world free of EastEnders. Vote Burnie
22.04.2005: Getting axed by EastEnders hurt so much I hit the bottle and my weight soared to 17st
21.04.2005: EastEnders' Ryan on 'sexiest' list
19.04.2005: Ross Kemp to reprise EastEnders hardman Grant as Phil returns to Albert Square
18.04.2005: Shane Richie leaving Albert Square
17.04.2005: The ridiculousness of EastEnders
17.04.2005: Shane Richie quitting 'EastEnders'?
16.04.2005: Jake Moon to stay on 'EastEnders'?
14.04.2005: Jodi to swap Chester for Walford
13.04.2005: Letitia Dean returning to 'EastEnders'
08.04.2005: EastEnders' plot to silence critics
04.04.2004: Will's Walford attraction
04.04.2005: EastEnders star Joel Beckett was a terrible sex symbol

31.03.2005: Two Moons prepare to leave Walford
30.03.2005: Eastenders' star's mother dies after tube train fall
29.03.2005: No schedule move for 'EastEnders'
24.03.2005: 'EastEnders' could air in new timeslot
18.03.2005: EastEnders hits record low
17.03.2005: Ex-EastEnders actor sues Sun
14.03.2005: EastEnders is left off 2005 Bafta TV Awards shortlist
02.03.2005: EastEnders ratings near all-time low

25.02.2005: New boss at ailing EastEnders
24.02.2005: Highbrow BBC producer roughs it in East End
22.02.2005: EastEnders: Slaters in Detention
21.02.2005: Den's second demise kills off opposition
19.02.2005: After 20 years, is EastEnders going south?
19.02.2005: Have the EastEnders scriptwriters lost the plot?
19.02.2005: EastEnders 20 years old today
16.02.2005: EastEnders: the soap that just won't wash
15.02.2005: Rick-ay! Albert Square's comin' to Westminster
11.02.2005: Phil ready to settle scores on Albert Square

28.01.2005: Shock exit for EastEnders chief

10.12.2004: Kennedy to star in EastEnders
08.12.2004: Mitchells to return to Albert Square?
01.12.2004: Spencer Moon bids farewell to Albert Square

30.11.2004: Spencer leaves Albert Square
21.11.2004: Simon Fuller Takes EastEnders To The States
17.11.2004: Eastenders Goes Stateside
05.11.2004: Babs back in Albert Square

22.10.2004: EastEnders slump continues
20.10.2004: Office actor moves to Albert Square
20.10.2004: Jessie may never return to Albert Square
19.10.2004: Axed EastEnders actor fights work permit ban
19.10.2005: Sir Michael 'could save' EastEnders
14.10.2004: Ferreiras kicked out of EastEnders

28.09.2004: BBC's Young poised to join Pop Idol firm
28.09.2004: EastEnders not in trouble, says defiant BBC
28.09.2004: Soap star: Mal Young profile
27.09.2004: Massacre in Albert Square
22.09.2004: EastEnders slumps to ratings low
21.09.2004: EastEnders boss quits
21.09.2004: EastEnders chief steps down
10.09.2004: EastEnders viewers want misery, says soap boss
01.09.2004: EastEnders actor blames envy for permit row

27.08.2004: Heggessey blames cast problems for EastEnders slump
11.08.2004: EastEnders scripts stolen

29.07.2004: My soap is crap, admits EastEnders producer

28.06.2004: Emmerdale sets sights on EastEnders
04.06.2004: EastEnders to make US comeback

19.05.2004: BBC board questions EastEnders rape plot

19.02.2004: EastEnders could back Olympic bid

23.01.2004: EastEnders to screen lesbian fling

28.11.2003: Scheming Janine to exit Albert Square

15.10.2003: Dirty Den discusses permanent move to Walford

30.09.2003: EastEnders axe outrages US fans

23.08.2003: BBC should sell off EastEnders, says Sky

26.06.2003: George Michael visits Albert Square
03.06.2003: Asian family enters Albert Square

29.04.2003: EastEnders reaches the eastern bloc

22.03.2003: War a ratings winner - better than EastEnders, say fans

31.01.2003: BBC chastised for EastEnders scenes

21.12.2002: The curse of Albert Square
16.12.2002: EastEnders' Mark to be killed off

21.10.2002: Brits can't name own leader, intimate with EastEnders

Paul Dorrell says:

"Own a TV if you must, just exercise restraint in watching it."


At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was an avid watcher of 'EastEnders' until the mess with the antenna's at Channel 21, but had no idea that the show has now been axed. Perhaps that's why I hadn't seen it on television in a while, sad shame though, one of the "best" programs on the BBC to date. Know the U.S. fans had to have been pretty angry. Well, it's certainly their lose, but sad to boot.


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