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Friday, April 29, 2005

Thumb Time for Galaxy Guide

So here we are again. Media event. Global mutterings. It's the latest and long-planned incarnation of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. But as ever here at Wet Canvas Dreams, we're fascinated not by the creation itself, but by the images and progress of the words that describe all things H2G2 in the build up and arrival.

Here then for your galaxian and artistic pleasure, in headlines from around the world, is the month to the launch of Douglas Adams beloved creation:

Hitchhiker film set for take-off
No Panic! as Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Prepares to Premiere in London
Hitchhiker’s movie site takes-off
Buena Vista unveils interactive ad for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
These ads really are attractions

Dressing down for Hitchhiker's film release
Stars out for Guide to the Galaxy
HHGTTG Premiere!
The H2G2 movie
'Hitchhiker's Guide' finally completes ride to Hollywood
Hitchhiker's blasts off
Expect a long, strange trip

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy get's first bad review
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Movie is Bad...Really Bad
Who is Garth Jennings?
Observer joins Hitchhiker frenzy

BBC to air final 'Hitchhikers' instalment
Douglas Adams wrote, wrote and rewrote
'Hitchhiker' took long way to screen
The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy And God

Famed 'Star Wars' Ewok Voyages To New 'Galaxy'
Galaxy' and Shareable Smart Folders
Davis Plays Marvin The Paranoid Android
US Actor Slater Joins 'Hitchhikers' Radio Cast

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy game is back
Hitch virtual ride around galaxy
The Hitchhikers Guide to the New Economy
Visions of 42
42 and all that

The Vogons of Hitchhiker's Guide
Hitchhiker’s movie promotes blinkx technology
Steve's an earthling rarity
'Imperfect' effects shine in Hitchhiker's
Hitchhiker's Guide: guess who nose the answers?

Blinkx Introduces Customizable Smart Folders Pioneered by 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the
Go ahead: Grab that galactic 'Guide'
Hitchhiker's Movie is Bad says Adams Biographer
Sci-fi cult classic still evokes ‘sensawunda’

'Hitchhiker's Guide' may leave novices cold
Whimsical 'Hitchhikers Guide' comes in for a landing
Neil Hannon Goes Intergalactic
New Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy game in the works
Hitchhiker's Guide 3D Title In Development

Hitchhiker's journey through the galaxy continues
Marvin the Paranoid Android Speaks!
There are hitches - but it's a blast
Don't Forget Your Dressing Gown

Don't panic - Hitchhiker is back
Don't Panic! Hitchhiker's Guide is back as movie
Hitchhikers Don’t Panic. It’s Finally Here
Don't panic! Here's your guide to 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe'
Don't panic! Although vague disquiet is OK
It's the 1980s, but don't panic
A panic-free guide to 'The Galaxy'

Hertfordshire hitches a ride to a galaxy of Hollywood opportunities
You Might Need A Movie Guide To Navigate This ‘Galaxy'
'Galaxy' is out there
'Hitchhiker's' gets sadly lost
Interplanetary blast
'Hitchhiker' feels like onslaught

Hitchhikers guide to anywhere
'Hitchhiker's Guide' worth taking along
Adams' successors guide `Galaxy' to fortuitous conclusion
Disney considers picking up more Hitchhikers
Disney waters down sci-fi classic, turning radical wit into not-so-deep space

Adams' 'Galaxy' a bit too spacey for average hitchhikers
Hitchhiker's fits the Bill
Martin won't be calling Sylvester Stallone
Hitchhicker's Guide
Islington - the centre of the galaxy

Will you watch Hitchhiker's film?
'Guide' dog
Hitchhiker's galaxy spins on a rare passion
A scientific look at Adams’s theory of everything

Everything for the intergalactic traveller
Hitchhiker's Guide to Life the Universe and Everything
Douglas Adams hitches his last ride
Androids and aliens
Hitchhiker's Guide wanders off course
Minor plot alterations add new element to film's plot
Once more into the hitchhiker's galaxy
Sight gags, good casting and Earth's destruction almost add up to 42

'Hitchhiker' leaves the fun behind
'Hitchhiker's Guide' offers a satirical tour of the universe
Cry, the beloved 'Galaxy'
You'll have to know 'Hitchhiker' to pick it up
Douglas Adams: Master of his universe
Absurdist Sci-Fi Comedy Strictly for Literary Series' Fans
Galactic hitchhiker lost in a time warp

Thumb guys have all the luck
Thumbs out ... and down
Thumb thing's missing
Thumb way up - and out - for the weird 'Hitchhiker'
Two thumbs out
Thumbs up for a ride into madness
A thumbs down for 'Hitchhiker'
Thumbs up for space oddity
Space idiocy
Space Oddity

Mos Def joins Bruce in '16 Blocks'
Catch a ride with this 'Guide to the Galaxy'
Douglas Adams would like it
Hitchhikers guide to shorthand
Guide spawned books, TV series and game
Book’s fans will enjoy ride in ‘Galaxy’
Unless you're a fan, this 'Galaxy' tiresomely twee
Pick up this 'Hitchhiker'

'Guide' fails to take viewers on pleasant trip
Hitchin' a ride
Douglas Adams Remembered By Those Who Knew Him
The return of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'
It’s Not the Same Galaxy
Change hasn't been for best
Hitchhiker and xXx duke it out for young men
Adams provides answer to life, universe, everything

Hitchhiker's exhibition unveiled
'Hitchhikers' romp without a plot through weird galaxy
'Hitchhiker' Steps Into Big Shoes
Hitchhiker's Guide Amusing, but Shortchanges Douglas Adams

'Hitchhiker' holds wisdom for empires
So long, and thanks for all the wit
Critical Consensus: Long Awaited "Hitchhiker's Guide" Gets Mixed Reaction
Wikipedia = Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?
BBC Launches Real-Life ‘Hitchhiker‘s Guide‘
Thanks for the Fish

Paul Dorrell advises:

"Use it as a guide for whatever vision burns inside you."

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