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Monday, September 19, 2005

Four Wheels and Two Wheels

Yesterday I got auto insurance, got the car inspected and tonight I hand over a check which is just the latest in a long endless line of tasks to waste one's life on related to motor vehicles.

A Car Gets An Owner

By tomorrow morning the car in the eyes of both states (for its ownership is crossing a State Line) will be mine. A 1987 big silver grey thing. Everything moves electrically - even my hair in the warm wind with the windows down. The music is loud -very, and it covers any bad noises I intermittently make, like bumping the car off things.

A Disbelieving Bicycler

My bicycle, a magnificent steed on two wheels having finally returned home to the gateway to the Prairies, stands alone and silent in a room full of paintings. I have told him - for he is male - that once legally a car owner I will neglect the car and return to him enthusiastically, but like all the other residents of this city he does not believe me. It hurts that my bicycle should lose faith in me so.

The Society of the Car

Supposed to be meeting gallery people this weekend also but we'll see. Right now the thunder has exploded and ended the hot spell. We will drop down to a cool 88 degrees and beer won't taste as good. With the rain falling I must join the exodus to the parking lot to roll up my car windows for that is my world now.

Paul Dorrell says:

Amusingly, the jury members in juried shows are sometimes no more qualified to serve on these panels than the average car salesman


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