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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

9 Things I've Painted The Most

Love, life, death, pain. They all drive me to paint. But ultimately you just paint because you can't not. That's why. However, what is it, that you paint? And are you honest about why themes recur? Really? This is what I paint:

  1. The Woman I Love These paintings are unfocused, abstracted, and she'd never know. Unless she's so intuitive that she knows every time you paint an apple you're painting her - in which case I love her more.

  2. Boxes Containers are under-rated. I believe ultimately that our little Universe is in somebody's box somewhere in the back of a wardrobe, forgotten about.

  3. Feet Don't you love falling down on a busy street pretending you're hurt just so you can look at all the passing shoes? And boots. Don't you?

  4. Stripes Like boxes only two-dimensional. And missing the ends. And yes my stripes are different to Newmans's and to Scully's. My stripes go all the way to eleven.

  5. Leaves When attached to a plant and still alive that is. I love that they're living and moving, just like a person - only better at staying still. And usually prettier.

  6. Symbols Mostly those used in Mathematics. The best part is not knowing or recognising any symbol but composing the overall pattern as if it were music - when it's really 7.63 recurring.

  7. Memories Because there isn't a cure for dementia or Alzheimer's yet. And because cameras always get it wrong. Especially about love. And apples.

  8. Blobs Like stripes but more independent, yet lacking in direction. And they usually hang out in groups.

  9. The Woman Who Thinks I love Her Because I'm a man. And if she's prepared to think that every time I paint a pineapple I'm really painting her, well, she's mad quite frankly, it's actually only blobs. And stripes.

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