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Monday, October 31, 2005

The Demons That Don't Drive

And the demons that don't drive cry on my shoulder every day.

Stag last weekend. Eight guys camping out eating tons of smoked ribs, brisket and drinking good beer. And of course, good eggs. And more besides. The Bash in the Bush was a gentle laid-back success of fireside contentment. Weather too good. Broken 80 a couple of times in last week or so. Presently in 70's. Will continue on 70 for next week. Unseasonably warm - as ever. Includes the groom's big day.

Church For The Photos

Very picturesque it would seem especially on the inside of the non-denominational chapel. Ironic because the groom wouldn't go to a regular Catholic church (even though his bride-to-be goes regularly) simply for the photos as he stopped going to church years ago. And so he ends up with somewhere even prettier.

In Need of a Lifehack

Once the fuss of attending this wedding and related extra-curricular events over the next few days is done, I will concentrate on establishing a domestic lifestyle I can live with. Our lease is up at work and we are seeking to move. I've put me spoke (pun) in for a shower. The difference if I could drop the car.

Cycling In My Mind, An Idea Ferments

Drove back alone on extremely minor roads from the camp last week. About a hundred and so miles. On a bicycle it would've been idyllic. In a car it was rather like sitting in a major cinema theater in a time before multiplexes. But I know where I can take the bike. It did occur to me on my drive to the camp in the darkness of the rural Midwest what a missed chance for a fantastic Stag we had experienced. It occurred to me as I drove past, fot the third time, the entrance to the field which adjoined the field where we were almost randomly to camp. And I have a better sense of direction than most of the urban warriors who braved the wilds that weekend.

A Happening That Doesn't Happen

Would it not have been a great stag if the camping event, indeed location, did not exist at all? Yes, the groom should have lied and invited us all to something deep in farming country that did not exist. Then the evening and night would have been about eight cars all driving around a particular Midwestern county looking for something that couldn't be found. Eventually everyone would give up, look for a town near the fictional field and find a bar, or camp somewhere they believed the field truly was, or return to the city. The drive to nowhere would be the Stag, the event, a sort of living museum if you like. And if everyone still was friends with the groom afterwards, then we would all share what happened to us on the night of the Stag that wasn't. Is that not art? Perhaps, for my own wedding some day. If only because I hate cars.

Struggling Against Technology

Technically I theoretically work in web design and some such technologies. Realistically it's as you were - just with money and no time. There is a lot wrong with this society that hopefully I will never warm to. If your car is treated as another one of your limbs then it kinda makes things a touch inhuman.

Surviving Through Technology

Sadly I am happy to be entertained with pictures from the digital world of Western Europe these days. They prevent me from pining at Web Cams from beyond the Midwest. But right now I need an egg.

Paul Dorrell says:

No matter where you live in the contiguous forty-eight, there are fine museums within a day's drive.


At 5:07 PM, Blogger Benz said...

HIe... I m sorry for tht ... U dunt have to thanks me for that.. it was my mistake i should have wirtted ur name in the end... anyways....can we b friends now :) .... i hope u have forgiven me ...:) take care


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