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Friday, January 06, 2006

How To Paint Your Partner?

In such extreme need of consuming scrambled eggs that I had a headache, I stopped off for milk. This being America, I purchased a gallon.

As ususal it was unseasonable, this time unseasonably cold. On foot I walked over snow and ice for an hour. I did this to get to a store where I might look at all manner of non-essential retail products at knockdown prices. And I did it to feel human. But still my head ached.

On the walk back I came to a Convenience Store conviently located at a Gas Station. I may well live in the west of the midwest, but as I placed the gallon of milk on the counter it was the first time in my life that I was called 'partner'.

-Is that all for you, partner?
-Yes, thank you
-Well this don't seem like the kind of place a man would come just to get milk.
-It's on the way, I apologized
-You on foot partner?
-I surely am, I replied getting into the swing of things, for I surely was.

Now, how do I paint that?

Paul Dorrell says:

success for my artists and me was arduous, demanding, despair-ridden, and constantly threatened with financial disaster. At the same time, walking that path has been one of the most rewarding achievements of a life that already was very full


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