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Monday, February 27, 2006

How to Express Yourself in Drawing

Pythagoras, the little white dog from next door that annoys me so much, seems to be disliked by his owners even more. In the sub-freezing temperatures of late, he's been cast outside rather a lot, and knowing that I'm the sensitive artist type he chooses to shiver on my back step not his owners. Weak-willed I let him in. Mistake.

Didn't you love it when you were a kid and drew pictures in the soil with a stick? Or used a magnifying glass to burn pictures in wood? Or set fire to polythene bags so you could drip their rapidly flaming drops onto something to make a picture? And then you grew up and you were supposed to stop.

Well it's all drawing. Making a mark is drawing. Banging a stick off railings that leaves little marks on each one is drawing. Throwing stones in a pond is drawing - bothe the concentric circles of the water, and even the arc of the trajectory of your throw. Making a mark is drawing.

Pythagoras drew when he came into my house. Clearly with an itchy backside, he waddled around on the carpet - a beige colored carpet so popular here in the exciting Midwest. And Pythagoras made his mark. Now I know what we're supposed to do with our thumbs when dogs have problems with their anal sacs, but this is somebody else's dog. And hey, they're my thumbs. So I arrived a different solution. An artistic solution for an artistic problem.

From my box of vinyl LP's - remember them? - I took out a Madonna album that I'm sure I never bought. And I played it for Pythagoras. Express Yourself.

Paul Dorrell says:

Treat all of these clients well, regardless of their monetary status. They'll appreciate that, and will express the appreciation by buying more work, and by sending friends and relatives who will do the same.


At 6:45 PM, Blogger José said...

I enjoyed reading some of your texts.
Have you given up this blog ?

Best regards,


At 3:53 PM, Blogger Eolaí gan Fhéile said...

I didn't intend to give it up José, but it does look like I have. My writings however continued on a couple of other blogs - on IrishKC - which is a mish-mash of many things but includes actual paintings and I even cannibalised some of the posts from here, and in 2009 I launched Bicyclistic where I concentrate on art and photographs, along with life with a dog and a bicycle.

I also have a blog of cartoons called American Hell.

All blogs overlap somewhat in subject matter.


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